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Have you ever been through a feeling when you don’t feel like a smart buyer. Most of the women have countless clothes to wear but still there is “Nothing To Wear” which is quite a common statement among all of us. We, women, shop a lot and always keep saying, I don’t have anything to wear. Well, there could be many many reasons behind this situation, but the most probable reason is that we do get attracted towards clothes, accessories so soon. Whenever we hit any mall and market, our not so controllable crave for having everything pops up. All of the sudden, we start liking everything we see in the market and after buying them, we regret. We regret, why I did buy this top, that jeans, that bag and so so. I am sure you must have been through such feeling at least once in your lifetime. Well if yes then today, I am going to share why you must shop right in order to look great. Have a look.

Don’t Just Be A Shopaholic, Be A Smart Shopaholic

Don’t Shop Just To Impress Others

Most of the times, women buy many unnecessary clothes just to show how rich they are, and some of the women buy them unnecessarily in excitements. You’re not getting anything free, so when you pay your money for something, make sure it is getting paid for something worthy. Choose the best clothing color for youself to look fabulous.


Don’t Always Run Behind Brands

It’s good to buy quality clothes, after all, they last really long, but there are some cheap brands that are even worst than local market clothes so if you can buy a top in small amount then buy it rather than buyingthe same top at much higher. This is completely a wastage of your money. Also, there are many local markets available in India, from where you can get the best collections so going there once or twice in a month won’t slip down your status. If you’re rich, buying local clothes won’t make your cheap.

Don’t Go For Overly Oversized Clothes

Oversized clothes look really awesome on skinny girls. It gives acozy and classy look, but sometimes many women buy too loose clothes and because of such kind of dress sense, you do not look feminine. So buy oversized clothes but make sure your feminism remain same, that a little texture of feminism should be included in your outfit.

Don’t Hide You’re Assets

Your clothes should be tight enough to let others know that you’re a woman but loose enough to let them know that you’re a lady. Make sure, whatever your style of dressing is, you do not look like a tomboy all the time. Except these, there is one more thing which is very important. Your inner clothes should be perfectly fitted. Most of the women choose wearing one size loose bra for feeling relaxed, but this makes you look unattractive. So make sure you’re wearing a well-fitted bra to look like a well-maintained lady.

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