Lariat Necklace Wearing Styles That Looks Attractive

Sep 29, 2016 by

Lariat Necklace Wearing Styles That Looks Attractive

Typical necklaces have a traditional clasp which can only worn around neck but if you want to create different looks with the same necklace, lariat necklace is the one you should be looking for. Lariat necklaces generally have one or two strands that can be wrapped in a variety of ways to create unique look every time.

Lariat necklaces are available in gold and silver both but the lariat-style necklace in silver is more in trend and this necklace can go with a plethora of outfits so silver necklaces are more demanding.

Lariat Necklaces Wearing Styles:

Wearing lariat necklaces can sometimes be difficult because of its unique style and unusual appeal. But below are listed a few professional looks that can be worn with the lariat necklaces comfortably:

  1. Layered Strand:

Lariat necklaces usually have long lariats that can be wrapped around to and forth to create a magnificent look. Just place the middle pendant of the necklace at your throat and cross the lariats around the back and neck and return it back to chest thus creating a loop and tie up the loose ends.

  1. Quick Tie:

If you are getting ready casually and want to have a delicate and decent look, you can simply tie up the loose ends of the lariat necklace just like the shoe tie and drop the ends. This style can be made with necklaces that do not have stiff lariats. This look is marvelous for everyday going on a work or for shopping around town.

  1. Short Dangle:

One of the incredible feature of the lariat necklaces is its strands that dangle the neck of the wearer. A short dangle is made by creating a low knot and it goes perfectly for the blouses having V necks or button up blouses to enhance the look. But it is important not to wear this look with crewnecks as it makes you look broader. Moreover, try not to wear it with long V necks as it may get lost and may not create any effect. This look is especially for sports events and offices.

  1. Long Dangle:

A long dangle looks elegant and fancy with gowns and maxis. You can wear a long dangle lariat necklace made of white stones or pearls on black or red gown to create an enchanting look. You can purchase amazing lariat necklaces from OneByOne Jewellery UK.

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Top 10 Accessories To Style For A Party

Sep 14, 2016 by

No matter how lazy when you’re but when it comes to getting ready for a party, you definitely become the most active person alive and why not, after all, we all want to be the center of attraction. There is a list of accessories which make your outfit look even sexier, prettier and elegant. It completely depends on you, what you choose. Here in this post, we are providing the information related to the top 10 accessories to style for a party. Have a look.


Why Always Black, Try White Eyeliner This Time.

At times, you get bored of applying the same black Eyeliner or the Kajal, but going to the party isn’t about being normal as usual. Some good experiment is a must in order to get the compliments from others. How about applying White Eyeliner? No matter what dress you wear, it goes perfectly amazing with all dresses. Just apply on the lower eyelid and voila, the beauty is ready to go.

Give Some Attraction To Your Ear With The Earcuff

No matter if you wear a short black dress or a cute party dress, Ear cuff is thereally good selection. Ear cuffs are the trendy fashion accessories that never went out of fashion, and now we have many varieties of ear cuffs. So choose the best pair for you and add a bit more sparkle to your sparkling personality.

Metallic Eyeshadow Is Sexy

When it comes to applying eyeshadow for a party, light colors are abig no-no. There must have some glitters and shines to give a vibrant shine to your eyes. Metallic, bronze, black eye shadows are very classy and trendy. You can have smoky eyes for club parties to be the sexiest chick in the party.

Red Matte Lipstick Is All Time Favorite

Wearing red lipstick does a wonder to your look. Red lipstick is classy, gorgeous and elegant. Use the perfect brand and you’re good to go. Red Matte Lipstick has always been everyone’s favorite, and it probably goes with every that Little Black Dress. So rock the party with the sexiest shade.

All You Need Is A Good Pair Of Shoe

Wearing a classy outfit, but doing a disaster with selecting shoe can mess up the elegance of your outfit. If you’re short, don’t go wedges or flat shoes, instead, wear pumps with the pointed fronts. That enhances your height.

Your Fingers Need A Signature Ring

Waving your hand to your friend in a party and unknowingly showing off that statement ring gives a class to your personality. There are lots of pretty, elegant statement rings available in the market that you can buy to rock the party.

Sexy Clutch

Clutches are life. They make you look glamorous and trendy. Just pair the metallic, silver, black, gray or cherry red clutch with that little black dress and you’re all set to kill most of the boys at the party.


Nail art

Before applying a simple and normal color to your nails, let me remind you, you’re about to go to a party, not to your college. The hottest trend is glitter nail art. This is the time, show them all how trendy you’re. Give some try to glitter or may be neon colors. Just get the best color and art on your nail and keep flaunting them in the party.

Tiara Is Gorgeous, And So Are You.

If you’re not that sexy or hot kind of girl and love to keep it simple and cute then matching a Tiara or wreath headband with your cute dress isn’t a bad idea. There are lots of varieties of Tiaras. You can choose as per your style.


A classy necklace can make a simple dress look very attractive. Marble  pop color on a simple white or gray color dress would give you an elegant look.

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Shop Right, Look Great

Sep 14, 2016 by

Have you ever been through a feeling when you don’t feel like a smart buyer. Most of the women have countless clothes to wear but still there is “Nothing To Wear” which is quite a common statement among all of us. We, women, shop a lot and always keep saying, I don’t have anything to wear. Well, there could be many many reasons behind this situation, but the most probable reason is that we do get attracted towards clothes, accessories so soon. Whenever we hit any mall and market, our not so controllable crave for having everything pops up. All of the sudden, we start liking everything we see in the market and after buying them, we regret. We regret, why I did buy this top, that jeans, that bag and so so. I am sure you must have been through such feeling at least once in your lifetime. Well if yes then today, I am going to share why you must shop right in order to look great. Have a look.

Don’t Just Be A Shopaholic, Be A Smart Shopaholic

Don’t Shop Just To Impress Others

Most of the times, women buy many unnecessary clothes just to show how rich they are, and some of the women buy them unnecessarily in excitements. You’re not getting anything free, so when you pay your money for something, make sure it is getting paid for something worthy. Choose the best clothing color for youself to look fabulous.


Don’t Always Run Behind Brands

It’s good to buy quality clothes, after all, they last really long, but there are some cheap brands that are even worst than local market clothes so if you can buy a top in small amount then buy it rather than buyingthe same top at much higher. This is completely a wastage of your money. Also, there are many local markets available in India, from where you can get the best collections so going there once or twice in a month won’t slip down your status. If you’re rich, buying local clothes won’t make your cheap.

Don’t Go For Overly Oversized Clothes

Oversized clothes look really awesome on skinny girls. It gives acozy and classy look, but sometimes many women buy too loose clothes and because of such kind of dress sense, you do not look feminine. So buy oversized clothes but make sure your feminism remain same, that a little texture of feminism should be included in your outfit.

Don’t Hide You’re Assets

Your clothes should be tight enough to let others know that you’re a woman but loose enough to let them know that you’re a lady. Make sure, whatever your style of dressing is, you do not look like a tomboy all the time. Except these, there is one more thing which is very important. Your inner clothes should be perfectly fitted. Most of the women choose wearing one size loose bra for feeling relaxed, but this makes you look unattractive. So make sure you’re wearing a well-fitted bra to look like a well-maintained lady.

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Why Women Love Fashion Scarves

Sep 14, 2016 by

Most of the women love scarves. There is no doubt in this statement that most of us adore the variety of scarves. Scarves not only make you feel comfortable but also keep you look up to date. There are many fashion accessories, but only a few stands out as the evergreen fashion accessories loved by many people. One of them is Scarf. As we have mentioned that our one of the forever love is Scarf so lets’s just get to the points why do women love Fashion Scarves. There are many reasons that make us love these fashion scarves. Some of them are following:

Scarves Are Comfort


There are very fewer accessories that are comfortable as well as trendy. One of them is scarves. No matter what material or fabric you choose, scarves are always easy to handle and very soft. Also, it lightens ups your look and makes your outfit look even trendier. No matter what season it is, but scarves look perfectly fashionable. In all seasons, it makes your look smart, classy and elegant. This is the reason that women love scarves a lot, and there is at least one scarf in their wardrobes.

Scarves Help Enhancing Your Entire Look

I don’t think; I need to differentiate the outfit with accessories and without accessories. Without any doubt, accessories add great class to any outfit. Without accessories, no matter how good outfit you’re wearing, it still looks a bit boring. Here in this post, we’re going to talk about the scarves which are mostly appreciated by the women. You see, how a pop colored scarf adds a vibrant look to your simple white shirt and denim. Not just to the casual outfits but you can rock the traditional outfits with beautiful and elegant scarves. In themarket, there are many pattern and colors are available for scarves. You must have them in order to be that trendiest chick in your college and office.

It Spices Up Your Personality


Imagine you’re going to a party wearing that little black dress. Before stepping out, you look yourself in the mirror and wonder that something is missing. Obviously, something is missing. But what? Okay, let’s just try wearing a scarf on your waist by folding it. How quickly it changes and spices up your previous look? This is how scarves work. This is how they spice up your personality. There are many ways that you can use for wearing a scarf. If yo want to look cool, scarves help, If you want to look hot, scarves help, if you want to look gorgeous and elegant, scarves help. It completely changes your look. This is why the scarves have become one of the most liked accessories among women.

Conclusion: As we have mentioned why women love scarves so I don’t think you must need any other reason to keep scarves in your wardrobe, in case you don’t.  Scarves are life savior so keep using scarves to spice up and enhance your look.

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How To Match Fashion Earrings With Your Outfit

Sep 14, 2016 by

Jewellery is the best way to enhance the beauty of an outfit. No matter, how beautiful outfit you wear but if you don’t match up the correct jewelry with it, your complete look will not look that good. So wearing perfect fashion jewelry according to your outfit is amust. If you feel issues selecting the perfect jewelry set according to your outfit then here in this article, we are going to help you with the same. Follow the below-mentioned tips in order to match fashion earrings with your outfit.

Choose Earring Keeping Your Outfit In Mind

When it comes to looking good, everyone looks for the latest trend. There are many online websites that can provide you various types of jewellery with a huge variety and that too in lowest price. Before wearing any jewelry you must know, either it will match your outfit or not because a mismatched jewelry can ruin your entire look. So make sure before choosing the earring, you keep your outfit in your mind.

Skin Tone Plays A Vital Role Here

As we have mentioned,jewelleryplays a vital role when it comes to looking good. But you can’t wear anything and everything. You must know which jewelry will go perfectly beautiful with your skin tone. Yes, you got it right. Skin tone does matter in thecase of jewellery, no matter if these are earrings or necklaces. If you choose earrings according to your skin tone, then you would look absolutely gorgeous, and it would add a little more sparkle to your elegance. For examples, if you have fair complexion then you can choose anything you like, but if you have tanned skin tone, then you can choose copper metallic or gold earrings. There are many gemstones such as silver, amethyst, turquoise, silver, metallic, copper and gold that are quite popular among women.

Choose Evergreen Earrings

There is some jewellery that remains always in afashion such as gold chain, pearl necklace, gold and silver bangles. So instead of keeping different types of jewellery, you can have some evergreen earnings in your wardrobe. You must buy some earrings that match most of your outfits, and they are according to your face structure, skin tone and personality.

Look For The Best And Forget The Rest

Using a good pair of earring should add a bit more elegance to your look. When you wear jewellery, most of the women love wearing more jewellery, but that is how you make yourself look even older. Try to keep the count of jewellery less. Don’t wear the bulky and long earrings all the time. Wear them according to the occasion and the outfit. For Eg: If you’re going to a marriage and wearing a traditional outfit then wearing traditional and heavy earrings look very beautiful but if you wear the same earrings with the casual outfits and in college or any casual outings. Just imagine, how awful it would look and how out of dated your style would seem to others. So instead of choosing all, choose the best.

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